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Kayrom Studios is breaking all the rules of Hollywood by producing original content for streaming platforms that connect with modern audiences in new and innovative ways. Hollywood is changing and we are paving a new path, inspiring young filmmakers to tell their own stories and break free from the limitations and gatekeepers of traditional Hollywood. We believe that by embracing new technologies and new modes of storytelling, we can create groundbreaking content that will redefine the indie film landscape and capture the hearts of audiences around the world. We're not just making Tik Tok videos, we're telling real stories that matter. We want to inspire a new generation to do the same.

The Team


Kyle Romanek

Founder & CEO

Kyle Romanek has spent the last decade climbing the ranks as a cinematographer, director, and editor. When he isn't perfecting his "blue steel" model pose, he spends his time collecting shiny awards and sobbing tears of joy in dark rooms while editing the latest Kayrom picture. 


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Evan G. Kay

Founder & CEO

For centuries Doctor, Writer, and Producer Evan G. Kay has honed his craft as a masterful storyteller and passionate lover on and off the screen. Evan's unmatched dedication to producing high-quality films is a revelation. Evan is happy to be living out his lifelong dream of making movies that touch people's hearts and tickle their funny bones.

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