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T.V. Pilot |30 minutes  

We partnered with Anthony E. Williams and W.M.Z Entertainment to deliver a 30-minute family drama set it Roswell GA, a suburb of Atlanta, where an executive Trey, is fighting to maintain the tangled web of relationships he's woven between three women; his wife, his ex, and his daughter.

The Swampman [Pre-Production]

Feature Film Horror | 90 Minutes

Described as "Beauty and the Beast" for grown men. A small tourist town monetizing off the myth of the Swampman is confronted by the threat of the creature as he seeks revenge on his bullies. 


Library Movie [Pre-Production]

Feature Film Comedy | 90 min

"SHUSH!!! You're in a library!!" In this "Office Space" meets "Christmas Vacation" comedy film, we follow the employees of a stereotypical library as they prepare for the holiday season. 

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