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The Dark Edge [Touring 2023 Film Festivals]

Short Documentary | 15 minutes (LEARN MORE)

Sean Evangelista, a former Navy Seal with a tumultuous past, achieved the top one percent in his field by executing hundreds of combat missions and earning multiple combat medals. Unwavering in his commitment to honor his fallen brothers, he now stands tall as an elite ski patrol and training full-time to become a mountain guide. He is a symbol of strength and resilience in the face of adversity.


The Biggest Little Farm

Feature Documentary | 90 minutes  

Our CEO and founder Kyle Romanek worked on this project for 5 years. He was credited as a cinematographer and would go on to win a Daytime Emmy award for his work on the OWN Super Soul Sunday short film "Worry for Maggie. "The Biggest Little Farm" was distributed by Neon Entertainment and was on the 92nd Oscars shortlist for documentary feature. Watch on Hulu. 

The Biggest Little Farm [Official Trailer]
SuperSoul Short: What Maggie the Cow Taught a New Farmer About Letting Go | SuperSoul Sunday | OWN

This is Semi Pro [Post-production]

Feature Documentary | 90 min [TREATMENT]

"This is Semi-Pro" (working title) is a feature documentary that follows the journey of the Brunswick Railroaders Semi-Pro Football team as they attempt to finish their story on the football field. The film is an honest objective depiction of small-town football the likes of “Last Chance U” and the personal dramas of “Minding the Gap.” The team, composed of players of various ages, races, and backgrounds, must unite under the guidance of one of Brunswick's most celebrated coaches to finish their story. The film explores addiction, absent fathers, brain damage, and masculinity, and includes a murder.

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