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Kayrom Studios Airborn


Amidst the scorching heat of the gridiron, where the footballs practically sizzled, Kyle Romanek and Evan Kay crossed paths during the filming of 'This is Semi-Pro.' Kyle (known as K-Rom on the football field), an Emmy award-winning filmmaker with a knack for framing the perfect shot, set his sights on Evan. An accomplished doctor with a deep-rooted passion for cinema. Amidst the tackles and touchdowns, an unexpected synergy emerged, uniting Kyle's cinematic eye with Evan's business savvy, resulting in a partnership that brought something wholly unique into the world. Kayrom was born. 

Flying Dog Dead Rise Crab


In a world on the brink of autonomous oblivion, Kayrom Studios represents hand-crafted cinema. Breaking Hollywood norms, we produce original content for streaming platforms, connecting with modern audiences in fresh innovative ways. As part of our mission, we intend to inspire young filmmakers to break free from traditional constraints, by removing gatekeepers and sharing our experiences we believe we can redefine indie film. We intend to create groundbreaking content that captures global audiences' hearts, transcending the temporary pleasures of short-form content for real, impactful, original stories. Join us in inspiring the next generation to do the same.

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